Forget Obama Girl, Giuliani Posse Girl Tops Bootylicious Chart


When we viewed the latest Obama Girl video in which she squares off against a trio of Giuliani Girls, we, of course, enjoyed watching Obama Girl, the beautiful Amber Lee Ettinger, shake, twist strut and generally amaze us with her beauty. But, every so often our eyes were distractingly drawn to one of the ladies in the Giuliani posse who seemed to curvaceously jut outward in every direction. With each bend of the hips and thrust of the chest, seemingly impossible curvaceousness filled the video as if Amber Lee weren't even present.

A little digging reveals the woman to be none other than former WWE Diva and model Rebecca Dipietro who does, indeed, posses amazing curves and isn't afraid to show them off. Anyway, as you know, it's probably just us and non one else suffered this distraction from the beautiful Amber Lee but we thought we'd make you queezy by sharing because, well, we like to emotionally mess with our readers.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Racy, Video, Viral     Jul-19-07  
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Seems like a will have to check out the video, cause Rebecca has the perfect body, I could look at her all day long, hmm, maybe I'll do just that for the weekend, sounds like a plan. ;)

Posted by: BigBaller on July 19, 2007 08:12 PM

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