Spector: Who's Protecting Employees from Micro Managing 'Net Nazis?


Homeland security ain't got nothing on cubicle lock-down. This SpectorCNE ad for managing employee internet abuse features pretty regularly in PC World and apparently also gets on JumbledPile's nerves.

The spot includes a three-headed cluster, and on each of their foreheads is writ a cardinal cubicle sin: "I pass company secrets on the web," "I surf porn websites from behind cubicle walls" and "I shop online after closing my office door."

An equal opportunity variant appears here, so no one can accuse Spector of attributing a stereotype or two to the white or Asian guy. The woman, however, continues to shop behind closed doors. (We just can't resist.)

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine   

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