Operate with Asko, the Washing Machine for Winning at Life


We're kind of crazy about this campaign for Asko by SMFB. If you have no idea what Asko is, that's cool, we didn't either. Apparently it's a brand for washing machines, and now it's the only washing machine we want.

The creative uses the playfulness and grit of claymation to tie our everyday self-delusion to the domestic cuddle-factor associated with doing your laundry. Fantastic balancing act.

Note the modern hunter-gatherer at left, braving the wild with his flannel "suit of masculinity." Check out the long-legged jeans-sporting chick as she towers over all, as much in her imagination as in the real world. Observe how proper washing can add self-esteem to otherwise self-deprecating shirts.

And consider how Asko protects guardian teddy bears! We are hugging ourselves at the very thought.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-24-07   Click to Comment   
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