Save Sex, Insurance Excites, Conference Gets Virtual, 1984 Trashed


- Mini Cooper has a couple of new sites up. One provides better things to do with your lunch hour and the other...well, you have to wait until lunch time to find out.

- What could possibly be exciting about insurance? Right. Nothing and Insurance .com knows this so they've launched May the Best Win, a video competition.

- Why be bothered with the expense and annoyance of interacting with real people an an industry trade show when you can go to a virtual one while sitting at your computer in your underwear?

- For Boston's Hatch Awards, Arnold created this opening video spoofing the creation of a 1984-style Apple commercial and a focus group which trashed it.

- If you want to follow your user-generated material around the web, now you can with a new tool from Brickfish called Viral Map.

- Nitmesh tells us, "Film director Hugh Hudson (Oscar winning Chariots of Fire) has remade his epic British Airways spot 'Face' for the UK business class airline Silverjet. They are the airline that recently made that cheeky girl on girl mile high viral too."

- Some game about saving sex for youth. We must suck at it because we never found our princess.

- The stairway is the new Facebook of outdoor advertising.

- Stuck in traffic? Got a Citroen? No problem. It will get you out of your mess Rubik's Cube-style.

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The Hatch Awards opener is great.

Posted by: Kurre on October 8, 2007 11:32 AM

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