Gigantic Marketing Expands Trademark Litigation to Include MDC


In early October, Gigantic Marketing went after MDC Parnters agency WeAreGigantic for trademark infringement. Launched alongside an MDC consolidation of MFP and Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, We Are Gigantic is headed by Neil Powell who formerly was a partner at the now defunct MFP which suffered significant client loss.

Today, after Niel Powell failed to appear two times in front of Magistrate Judge Ellis, Gigantic Marketing President Bernard Urban has expanded its litigation to include WeAreGigantic parent company MDC Partners.

After several negative comments surrounding Neil Powell and WeAreGigantic's loss of the Mike's Hard Lemonade account which generated confusing and erroneous calls to Urban's agency, Urban feels the infringement is tainting his agency's brand. "We take this situation very seriously," said Urban "Now that MDC has been added, maybe Miles Nadal will see the obvious need to change the name."

In October, Gigantic Marketing launched a self-promotional campaign called "Defend Your Brand" which ran here on Adrants. "We see brands as sacred," said Urban, "if you don't have a strong brand, you cannot navigate the increasingly fragmented media landscape."

And so the David versus Goliath fight continues to grow.

by Steve Hall    Dec-11-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Policy   

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Which one is David?

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