Journelle Lingerie Creates Visual Feast of Beauty


For Journelle's new "lingerie concept" concept store at 5th and 17th in New York City, WIKA Director Gabriel Winer shot five soundless films featuring New York women alluringly move about their apartments showing off their lingerie and their beauty. The films are being projected on a flat glass wall which separates the dressing rooms from the rest of the store.

First, we have Sam, the auburn-haired, freckled, girl-next-door modeling simple, white, tame underwear. Then, we have Aslin, an exotic looking brunette slowly going through her morning routine while offering us beautiful views of herself and the lacy black booty-barring lingerie that leads one to believe there's still a man in her bedroom.

Kendell, an innocent looking short haired brunette is perhaps pondering her newfound, enlightened sexuality. Lucie, a doe-eyed blond slowly transforms from the average every woman into an all-knowing seductress as she sits and then then lays down on her bed displaying her curvaceous hips. OK so maybe she;s taking a nap but go with us on this one.

Finally, Lucie, notwithstanding the initial shot of her looking at a crayon drawing, slowly packs as she relives the affair she had last night with a guy she just met and remembs the body shaking moments as chills and quivers still move through her body.

The films do a nice job conveying the empowering qualities nice lingerie can bring and they do it without using the tongue wagging drool fest so many other brands choose to employ. We might actually have to visit this store to fuly drink in these film's beauty. Of course, a lone dude sitting in the middle of a lingerie shop might not exactly make anyone feel all that comfortable.

by Steve Hall    Dec-18-07   Click to Comment   
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