Beautiful Balloon Ballet Celebrates Coke Side of Life


We have to tip our hat to Wieden + Kennedy for their Super Bowl efforts this year for Coke. In Jinx, which we reviewed here, Republican pundit Bill Frist and Democratic pundit James Carville share a friendly day together in Washington. In the second Super Bowl spot W+K created for Coke, we are treated to the slow, graceful dance of two Macy's Day Parade balloons as they engage in a battle for a balloon in the form of a Coke bottle. In the end, a third balloon, Charlie Brown, wins the prize high above Central Park.

Both commercials do a wonderful job illustrating many of Coke's taglines over the the years from Have a Coke and a Smile to Cokes Adds Life to its current Welcome to the Coke Side of Life. There's just a really happy feeling one feels after watching this Balloon spot. We have no doubt this commercial will be at the top of most people's Super Bowl 2008 commercials lists.

And if this Coke work is any indication, Wieden + Kennedy's work for new client CareerBuilder should be quite good as well.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Super Bowl 2008   

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