Geeks Get Game on With Intel's 'Robo Brawl'


Even IT (information technology) geeks need their advergames. So Godfrey Q and Partners were kind enough to create Robo Brawl. Oh yes. A smack down in which robot parts fight against each other in the ring. to gain Xeon points. Xeon being Intel's kick ass chip for workstations.

As it's explained to us, "You have to weigh the pros and cons of various robot parts (transportation, armor & weapon) to get the best performance possible in the ring. You're also able to use "Xeon points" to boost your robot in ways that are related to energy efficiency, virtualization and performance - the Xeon attributes Intel wanted to promote. Through-out the game, the players see signs and video that reinforce our Xeon message. So the longer you play, the more the message sinks in."

those who place in the top three slots will win Xeon-powered workstations.

by Steve Hall    Feb-21-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games   

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