Mobile Phone Pictures Provide Discounts at Hong Kong Pizza Hut


So Dominos Pizza has its cool new build your own pizza thingy. In Hong Kong, Pizza Hut didn't want to left out of the party so they hooked up with MyClick Media for a mobile promotion which enables people to use their cell phones to snap shots of images on Pizza Hut promotional material to get discounts and prizes. Of course, people have to have the MyClick software on their phones. In Asia, that's just another normal day using one's cell phone to manage every element of one's life.

If you visit the Pizza Hut MyClick site, you'll see a website design technique that hasn't been used for over ten years: the clickable image. The only element on the page is one giant image, parts of which have been coded to accept a click. Odd. But simple. After all, who wants another Flashturbation site? Well, maybe it has to be that way for the MyClick technology to work.

by Steve Hall    Feb-14-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Mobile/Wireless   

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