The Golden Ducks to Honor Oddity in Advertising


Oh it's about time. Well, apparently it was three years ago when The Golden Ducks were launched. The Golden Ducks honor the weird, the strange, the head scratchers in advertising. The ads that make you go, "Huh?"

This year, the event has been expanded to included more categories such as the Decoy, The Duckling, The Quack and others. Here's the full list of awards which will be bestowed upon the creators of such ads that are, well, less than good.

Decoy: Entries with the least evidence of a real advertising/graphic campaign
Déjà -vu: Entries that have a striking resemblance - a 'definitely seen that before!'
Duckling: Most obvious attempt to appeal to the pubescent!
Einstein: Above average intelligence required to figure out what the entry is about!
Fromage: Cheese, cheesy, fromage!
Lost in Translation: Evidence that there were budget cuts on the translations
Nudist: Most obvious attempt to use nudity for lack of anything else
Shocked: Truly shocking!
Quack: Most creative use of an animal cousin.
What a load of Quack! (WLQ): That website, frankly... what a load of Quack!
We Quack It! (WQI): We get it!
What the Duck?: Most obscure message!
Grand Duck: for all round quackness and superior duckology!

by Steve Hall    Feb-19-08   Click to Comment   
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