New Social Network ncludr Makes Everyone Your Friend


In what is clearly a joke or some sort of clandestine promotion for the next greatest social network or some other entity, (get it? includer?) has launched with snarky fanfare including claims it's "the most awesomest ultimate social network ever" with "international membership already in the billions."

We are told "nclüdr is backed by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, with additional financial support from leading national advertisers. According to industry insiders who have asked to remain anonymous, site executives are confident that nclüdr will soon eclipse leading social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace with its vast member base and features like its Sychronized Algorithmic Personal Profile Generator, which eliminates the tedious task of populating one's own personal site profile with personal information."

Hmm. Whois info, no surprise, indicates the site was registered by proxy (anonymously). That's to be expected and a clear indicator this things just a joke.

Humorously, ncludr "member Paris Hilton writes, "Like these nclüdr people, whoever they are, are really beautiful. I mean, like, they are so beautibul (their typo, not mine), like almost as beautiful as me, which is really saying a lot."

There is one external link on the site to OnGuard Online, an actual government site which offers tips on how people can protect themselves against online fraud. There's a plausible analogy between the insanity of social networking with it's proliferation of personal information and the efforts of OnGuard online to guard against the pitfalls of that proliferation.

There's some Twitter discussion as to whether or not the DC-based agency nclud had anything to do with it.

Whatever. When they're ready to let us in on what they spent all that money to promote, we'll be happy to spread the word.

by Steve Hall    Mar-26-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social, Spoofs   

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