Creative Zone Immortalizes Your Big Contribution to Society


However douchey you say rich media is, you know in truth that you love those interactive executions. If you could, you'd splatter them across the four edges of Internet so everyone can experience the scope of your cool.

Don't be ashamed; Eyeblaster loves them too. To ensure your life's work will never be forgotten, it launched the Creative Zone: a gallery of Precious Moments in Rich Media.

Heaven help your grandkids if this is the scrapbook you plan to bust out with at teatime.

Like online porn, ads can be queried by format, vertical, interactive feature, top rated or "editor's choice." Selections can be enlarged in the gallery; one more click brings you to where you can see each ad in its natural habitat.

I can't totally trash it; I had fun playing with the banners. Would I explore them on gray, lonesome afternoons? No. Treasures on display include:

- Sia, where you can play tracks a la Lilith Fair.
- Guitar Hero, jam-packed with hot anime chick and abrasive music.
- Mini Cooper, where you can distort an innocent man's face by flooring a brake pedal.
- Harry Potter 5. In het Nederlands.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Online, Strange   

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