Fuel Efficiency and Cement-Encased Man Don't Work For Honda


Honda decided the two-hour season finale of guilty pleasure Grey's Anatomy last week was a good time to show their new commercial, previously mentioned here as part of their new campaign promoting the 2009 Honda Pilot.

In the spot, a man in a Pilot approaches a man who had accidentally been encased in cement. He offers to help and after getting the man, still trapped in a cement block, in the back seat, notes they won't have to stop for gas because of how fuel-efficient the Pilot is. The other man, who doesn't seem the least bit worried about the fact he's essentially a talking head sticking out of a chunk of cement, agrees that the Pilot is indeed really fuel-efficient. He read it on a blog.

How hilarious that is? Oh what good light-hearted fun from Honda. The only problem was this particular episode of Grey's Anatomy also featured a man who was accidentally encased in cement and who, as a result, suffered third-degree burns, came close to losing both legs, was rapidly losing body fluids because the cement was sucking them out of his body while simultaneous seeping poisonous toxins into it, was constantly in danger of complete organ failure and nearly died.

Also, the man was not so much in good spirits and secure in his faith Seattle Grace's roster of doctors' had the ability to get him out of this predicament as he was scared out of his mind and fully convinced he was going to die. He did not at any time seem like he felt like discussing the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle in which he was transported to the hospital.

Now I can't imagine that it was a coincidence that Honda would also happen do a commercial featuring a man trapped in cement, the question is why they would think that would be a great opportunity to sell SUVs. Yeah, cause when I'm watching some guy on a medical drama slowly dying over the course of two hours, I definitely want to know how fuel-efficient his car was.

by Amy Yen    May-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary, Television   

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This spot aired during the "Grey's Anatomy" season 4 finale; where a young man lies in vat of quick dry cement and they go through all his medical issues from that stunt... genius goof in programming and ad placement!

Posted by: twocents on May 28, 2008 4:53 PM

This article and the comment above are nuts.

You honestly think Honda would create this ad based on a story-line?

This ad was part of a much bigger campaign, which I actually like. Some better than others.

Bottom line? Honda cars and ads rock!

Posted by: martorama! on May 30, 2008 10:57 PM

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