Poor, Starving Future Lions Winners Go to Cannes After All


Oh look! We do love our own kind! Those four starving Creative Circus students who won Cannes Future Lions but couldn't afford to go to Cannes and held a bake sale to raise money succeeded and, yes, will now go to Cannes to collect their awards thanks to some kind sponsors. Or maybe they're going only because some quick thinkers saw an opportunity for publicity. [Ed. Oh, why do you always have to such a dick about these kind of altruistic things?]

Thanks to Leo Burnett who picked up their air fares and 22 Squared, AKQA, Jannie Gerds, Grigsby Consulting LLC, Dave Holloway, Jeb Quaid and The Creative Circus which covered the rest of the travel costs, the four will now bask in the glory of Southern France sun, fun and, likely, the requisite debauchery that goes with Cannes.

Speaking of debauchery, how is it possible advertising types from across the globe travel to Cannes each year, spend a week cavorting in the sun during the day, drink all night and we never hear any stories (or see any pictures) about Agency A Married Creative Director grinding his leg against Hot Junior Creative from Agency B while on the dance floor or Famous Director from Production Company C puking his guts out after a long night at the Gutter Bar?

Journalistically speaking, there seems to be a serious disservice here. How can the world's biggest advertising event take place without complete coverage? We, of course, want to read about who won which award but, seriously, we also need some photographic leverage that can be used when, at some future point, some dick head decides to fire someone for a screw up in which they, themselves, were a key player. Cannes doesn't even have a blog! Is the organization still that old school?

And, we need more than that picture of Donnie Deutsch in a Speedo to throw around when the moment calls for it.

Anyway. Maybe it's like Vegas. What happens in Cannes stays in Cannes? You tell us. And for God's sake, with every single person at Cannes in possession of a digital camera in one form or another, there just has to be some photographic goodness to share. Two years ago, we, at least, had that drunk girl sleeping on a couch in her bikini.

And, thankfully, AdWeek will be there Twittering away.

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Opinion   

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Good for you for being a dick about these altruistic things. There is absolutely nothing altruistic about advertising - not at a corporate level. Ed, you know damn well it's true so stop being a dick about it.

Posted by: fanta on June 15, 2008 7:47 PM

Thanks for posting that pic again. I remember masturbating to it a few years back. Ah memories.

Posted by: bogusky's feathered pubes on June 16, 2008 10:53 AM