Twitter Tells Users It Can't Take the Pressure


Yesterday, in preparation for all of the live WWDC tweeting action, Twitter encouraged users to follow WWDC, Apple, iPhone and Steve Jobs related tweets on Summize. It made sense to do so considering the trouble Twitter's had recently just trying to handle the ordinary amount of tweeting on its site.

What I thought was really funny about this, was the notion that Twitter had rented out the space normally reserved for its error messages to promote use of Summize. I can't imagine that the error message section of a site is the optimum page real estate to promote another site, unless of course you're Jaiku or Pownce and would benefit greatly from the opportunity to attract frustrated Twitterers.

On the other hand, this might be an interesting new model for Twitter. Just think about it- if Twitter sold ads in place of all of the error messages that show up on the site during an average day, I'd finally be convinced that the company had established a sustainable revenue model worth its recent $15 million round of funding.

by Amanda Mooney    Jun-10-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social   

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