John McCain Keeps Adrants in Business


Poor John McCain. The dude just continues to be trashed online. In a new video from the Service Employees International Union, McCain is trashed for supporting tax loopholes which make it financially attractive to buy and sell companies which often leads to lower wages and job cuts. The Union calls out McCain's support of the loopholes by comparing him to monsters from old Japanese movies.

Writing on AdFreak, David Giantasio points out some of the monsters come from the movie Gappa, the Triphibian Monster in which monsters weren't actually evil but simply became destructive after being misunderstood by people. And in a seemingly Republican-leaning comment, Giantasio closes with, "Just like John McCain."

When it comes to mudslinging, objectivity and transparent truthfulness are, indeed, after thoughts. As heated as it gets, no politician, one would hope, sets out to be vindictively evil. It's just interpreted that way based on their support or non-support for various issues.

No political issue is as simple as a commercial positions it. If it were, there'd be no such thing as politics in the first place, Hence, no political ads, Hence, no political marketers or agencies. Hence, no occasionally witty YouTube videos to write about and who wants that? Seriously. Without political bitch fights and marketing battles in general, there'd be no reason for Adrants (or any marketing publication) to exists and who really wants that?

Wait. Don't answer that. There's probably thousands of you out there that wish we'd just shut up and go away.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political, Video   

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i was actually aiming for a pro-Kucinich comment. he's the gamera the flying turtle of the political scene: well intentioned, but forever fated to retreat back inside his shell.

Posted by: daveg on July 15, 2008 11:09 AM