Obama? McCain? Nope. Miller High Life For President


Who needs political platforms full of platitudes when you have the Miller High Life Guy stumping the Common Sense Platform? It's unclear whether or not a beer-fueled presidency is the answer to the country's ills but with our current president seemingly drunk and unable to navigate his way to his seat at the Olympics, things couldn't be much worse.

Miller High Life Dude for President!

Oh, and Drink Responsibly.

by Steve Hall    Aug-13-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political, Spoofs, Strange, Video   

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Speaking from the perspective of a person who, as part of growing up in a family who owned a small neighborhood bar in Boston, had a High Life mirror on his wall from the age of 6-21 I am the most loyal of High Life fans. It's my house beer and it's quite delicious. Better yet, head on over to Silvertone and add a shot of Chartreuse with your High Life. You'll be a changed person.

I'm enjoying this campaign overall. It's funny with a message that is straight and to the point. My only wish is that Miller would license Terry Tate from Reebok so they could double the fun.

As far as this particular spot goes I have to say it's a million times better than the "We couldn't even get a furniture ad production shop to do it" McCain ads that look like they were hacked together on the Straight Talk Express using iMovie...and that's an insult to iMovie.

Posted by: Marc Girolimetti on August 13, 2008 1:42 PM