AJAX Weds Modern Art to Sketchbook Roots


For its Kirchner and the Berlin Street exhibition, MoMA worked with Behavior Design to put together an online "companion piece" where users can explore the art from their computers.

The exhibit showcases "Street Scenes," a series by expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Visitors can sift through pages of his original sketchbooks in a smooth little image gallery. Art from "Street Scenes" can also be juxtaposed to the original drafts.

The Flash- and XML-scripted site hardly lags, and all the artwork screams "click me!" It's also a good outlet for manipulating historical material in ways you wouldn't necessarily be able to at an in-person exhibit.

In this case, though, you'll have that option. The online element is available in kiosks at the museum. But even if all you ever experience of Kirchner is digital companion, you might still feel like you walked off with something rich.

Better still? No entry fee.

by Angela Natividad    Sep- 9-08   Comments (0)    File: Best, Campaigns, Online
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