Steve Hall Defends Ad Agencies, Lauds Apple, Ponders Moderation


On Sunday's BeanCast with Bob Knorpp, I was joined by Ford Head of Social Marketing Scott Monty and The M Show's John Wall to discuss a host of ad-related issues ranging from author Brian Reich's somewhat shortsighted opinion marketers and consumers would be better served if TV networks performed the job of ad agencies to Yahoo Head of Research Prabhakar Raghavan's quite correct statement search isn't as desirable as some would have us believe to moderation and liability is social media to FOX's "remote-Free" TV to location based mobile services to, of course, Apple and the notion, despite popular opinion, it has truly mastered the art of participating in social media.

We covered a lot but I think you will find it an interesting listen. Scott, road warrior that he is, spoke with us while working his way through baggage check, airport security and, finally to his cushy first class seat aboard his flight.

We covered a hodgepodge of topics which is why the ad industry is all a-Twitter about it's state of being and why, despite those who long for simpler days, the days of Mad Men are long gone.

Get the show and show notes here or on iTunes here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-08   Click to Comment   
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