Paley Center Wants Your Funny Video


Oh look! It's another video contest! Calling Julia Roy! Calling all art directors, copywriters and other people who just...HAVE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES or die. The Paley Center for Media, along with Human Giant, have launched A Giant Challenge. Apparently, they don't have enough entrants because the contest started September 13 and it seems they're just getting around to promoting it.

Those interested have until October 10 to submit their masterpiece which should be two minutes or less in length and focus on all things in big. The press release states, "Video submissions will be judged on comedic value, originality, creativity, quality, and adherence to theme'" which means the judges will just pick the once that makes them laugh the most becasue, well, the videos are supposed to be funny. All the details are on the Paley Center for Media website but it's easy to miss there so just go here. Oh and to watch the video, you have to install a player. WTF??? Maybe that's why no one's entered yet.

Oh, and winners will have their videos highlighted during New York Comedy Week.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Consumer Created, Video   

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