A Few Good Numbers For Those Still Suffering From ED.

Here's what happened Election Day while you people were online:

Sorry Drudge. CNN.com was the most visited website on November 4 among the media/political websites, receiving .61% of all U.S Internet visits. Visits to CNN.com increased 146% vs. Monday.

MSNBC.com was the second most visited website, receiving 40% of U.S. internet visits and seeing a 122% increase in traffic. MySpace and Facebook both saw 6% increases in traffic on Election Day.

Twitter Election 2008's visits increased 1100% and Twitter traffic increased 43% Tuesday.

U.S. visits to Yahoo News increased 55% on election day and Google News increased 58%. Barack Obama's website received a 6% increase in U.S. visits on Tuesday, while the visits to John McCain's website dropped 18%.

(With all the increase in traffic on political sites, no word yet on how drop-off there was on porn sites.)

(Source: Hitwise.)

by Bill Green    Nov- 6-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political   

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