Hope Wins-Now What?


1. Don't swear. 2. Don't talk about Wendy's commercials. 3. Don't talk politics. When I was asked to cover for the Adrants crew this week, I had three goals, and well, one out of three ain't bad. Why change now! ViA out of Portland, Maine has put together a post-election campaign to keep people talking about it all. Several buildings in NYC have large wraps on them with large tag-like phrases that were dominant throughout the campaign. They also put up a website for the effort called the watercooler and a video to go along with it all. A Borat VERY NICE! for the effort.

On a related note, everyone will feel about this election the way they will. Have no illusions that the U.S. is suddenly 'united' just because a candidate says so. McCain probably wouldn't have been able to pull it off, and maybe Barack won't either, because there's still a lot of deeper things at work, but damn, it was a special night. We're a divided country and let's leave it at that. Some of the more striking things from this week that I remember though seemed to transcend words: The image of Jesse Jackson or one of the in-studio commentators on Fox just about getting the words out as his voice trembled.

Feel free to share your thoughts either at the water cooler or below in the comments.

by Bill Green    Nov- 7-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political   

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