Japanese Curling Mitsubishi Car Game Show Thing.


Mitsubishi is running an On Your Mark campaign in Europe. Pick a spot on their interactive map or upload a video and you could win a car that they deliver to you, all under the umbrella of Japanese Game Show funk. That's about all I got from the email because, well, the site's in European. Like, every country but the U.S European? That's okay though because good design and humiliation are universal. You can find your way around and even try and play the game-sorta. I did with Romania as my country of origin but bailed after a few screens. Luckily, the European Union Of Federated Advertising Agencies representative saw fit to include... JAPANESE GAMESHOW PARODY OUTTAKES MAKING OF VIDEO! People, we have curling cars, whacky ramps! Much hilarity ensues!

(*cues Nude House of Whacky People!*)

So yeah, um, go check it out.

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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