Woot Places 'Cleverest Adsense Ad Ever'


blogads Founder Henry Copeland points to what he dubs the "cleverest Adsense ad ever." Without hesitation, we'd have to agree completely. Riffing on Google's stock market woes, Woot placed an ad that reads, "We saw what's over there. Figured you'd look away. So we put our ad here. woot.com." Is that not brilliant placement (and copy) or what?

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-08   Click to Comment   
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They've been doing that for ages... back when GOOG was great, then when it tanked(they are some even better ones):


(there's also a techcrunch article on that series)..

it's really the only stock they've ever even gone after. Pretty funny, but nothing new.

Posted by: Brentter on November 10, 2008 1:23 PM

Just an interesting fact to point out: in the upper-right corner you can see it says "Personalized based on your web history."

I'm not able to recreate the ad, or see it anywhere else, so I'm not sure if this is related.

Still, quite clever though.

Posted by: Erez on November 10, 2008 2:04 PM