Chivas' Chivalrous Chivalry Leaves Us Wanting More


Euro RSCG is out with a new commercial for Chivas Regal. The agency was asked to "strengthen Chivas Regal's premium positioning in mature and emerging markets by giving it a strong and distinctive point of view."

The spot opens on a man trudging his way to work on a cloudy day in a sea of lemming-like people. He's clearly questioning his purpose in life as as he voiceover intones, "Millions of people. Everyone out for themselves. Can this really be the only way? No." And with that, the man turns and goes his own way.

The spot then toasts life with words and phrases such as gallantry, doing the right thing, giving a damn, straight talk, freedom, true meaning of wealth, the brave and "a code of behavior that sets certain men apart from all others."

And, finally, "Here's to us." Live With Chivalry.

It's clear the commercial is mining the human condition, its optimism and the fairy tale life we all wish we could live. In some ways, the commercial succeeds but, while its difficult to put a finger on it, something's missing. Something's off.

Perhaps it's the perfectly polished black shoes everyone is wearing in the first scene. Perhaps it's the old guys who look more like mobsters than a bunch of life long friends or business associates. Perhaps it's the cheesiness of guys rising horses on the beach. Perhaps it's the token black hero. Perhaps it's the depiction of old-school money and high society. Perhaps it's the overly ambitious tagline.

Or, perhaps it's nothing. Perhaps it's a great commercial and someone's in a bad mood today. It's up to you to decide.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary   

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