Destructive Commentary: 'The Client is an Idiot'


You've heard these all before, right? "I can't think of one time when the account person made one positive difference in the work or on the account," "So, how does it feel to be an order taker?", "The only time I need an account person is when the lunch bill comes," "Can we please just give him what he wants?", "The client will never approve that idea," "The client wants the logo bigger" and the current classic, "We need something that'll go viral."

Yes. Destructive Comments. Courtesy of Cranial Garage which even went to the trouble of putting together a fight song video pitting creative against account management and to ask the industry to contribute to its list of Destructive Comments.

Have at it. We know you've got some good ones.

by Steve Hall    Jun-17-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies   

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