Honda Puts Internet to Sleep With Impossible Dream Documentary


Honda is out with a seriously yawn-inducing addition to its Dream the Impossible Dream documentary series called Dreams vs. Nightmares. In the video, regular people and famous people (Clive Barker and Deepak Chopra) talk about how their dreams and nightmares affect their lives and their work.

Honda Manager of Corporate Advertising Barbara Ponce said, "Our newest film is about seeing the opportunities and sharing the experiences of visionary leaders and Honda associates who are living their dreams -- even when the challenges seem insurmountable. This approach is part of Honda's DNA, and we hope to inspire our customers to see the possibilities beyond the nightmares they may read in the news."


Oh, sorry. We dozed off there for a minute.


Nothing that hasn't already been said about "the power of dreams" drones on for interminable minute after interminable minute after, yes, interminable minute until, well, nothing. It just ends.
It's like background music in a dentists office except it grates on you like an early stage American Idol clown.

Perhaps it's more interesting after a few drinks. Or something more hallucinogenic.

The work comes to us courtesy of RPA and director Joe Berlinger.

by Steve Hall    Jun-30-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Brands, Video   

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