Mullen Welcomes Boston Ad Community to Swanky New Offices


Last night Mullen welcomed clients and friends to its new digs at 40 Broad Street. For forty years, the agency was housed in a really sweet mansion (well, two. one burned down but that's another story) North of the city but felt it was time to leave the woods and become a city dweller.


At the gathering were many Mullen folk including CEO Joe Grimaldi, Chief Creative Officer Edward Boches, Director of Account Service Alex Leikikh. Also in attendance were Boston Ad Club President Kathy Kiely, a&g CEO (and newly appointed Boston Ad Club Chairman of the Board Andrew Graff, Freelancer Vashti Brotherhood and many others.


The event was held in the agency's cafe, a large room with a coffee bar, a nice view of the city and an amazing mural painted by Jon Sarkin. The offices' feel is light and airy with lots of white and shades of a light, soothing green.

In Boston, the Broad Street area has become the new Boylston street with many agencies moving into the area. As Boston goes, it's a more Boston-ish area of Boston if that makes any sense. And a view of Boston harbor isn't too bad either.


Boches and Communications VP David Swaebe were kind enough to introduce me around and give me a tour of the offices where I met two very nice ladies (sorry, I'm really bad with names) who were, even while the party was going on, busy setting up what they intend to be a state of the art recording and production studio. It did look pretty sweet.


Sadly, the agency was not able to bring along its famed kitchen and staff of eight or so who, on a daily basis, created freshly prepared, stellar meals since, well, the nearest place to get lunch was a car ride away. But we think that coffee bar will make up for some of the loss. And after all, the agency's in Boston now where an endless supply of food is but a short walk from the office.


At the party, many people were excitedly anticipating next week's Boston Ad Club Reunion, a first of its kind event which will bring together decades of Boston ad folk for an "OMG it's so good to see you (but, silently, damn, you look old!)" gathering that will surely bring back fond memories.

Welcome to Boston, Mullen. May your success continue.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-09   Click to Comment   
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