Aspen Channels Great Depression For Skiers


Hey, I'm trying to sex this stuff up, gimmee a break. It may not be as thrilling as Steve's AdTech booth babe pics, but this new campaign for the Aspen Skiing Co. that got sent in here seems to have an identity crisis. Maybe because the article is full of target-rich marketing speak. (Maybe because I'm also killing time until Steve's pics get posted.) Is it geared towards locals, or, everyone looking for a great ski vacation, or, people who are feeling the crunch, or... I'm not sure. "The new ads strive to get across the idea that people need to "reward" themselves during the recession" Hmmm.

If you can afford to ski Aspen, couldn't you afford it anytime instead of appealing to the staycation crowd? Citing Kellog's Depression spending to offer family discounts seems to exclude anyone without... family. Then there's a message of slave to work vs. slave to nature which seems to be more valid.

The work looks cool, but it's like, pick a message. Factory Design Labs of Denver is the agency behind it, and based on what I read, I'm guessing they had their hands full with all the messages that must have had to go in here from the client.

by Bill Green    Sep- 1-09   Click to Comment   
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