Hugh Hefner Still Gets The Girls. Well, At Least in Commercials


There once was a time Hugh Hefner carried a level of cred untouchable by all others. He had it all. A successful business. All of life's material pleasures. And any woman he wanted. Yea, he still has all that but lately, with his increased appearance in advertising, the man has been diminished to a sad characature of his former self. Now he's just a horny old man in a fancy bathrobe.

What's up with all his commercial appearances? Does he need the money or is he just selling out like every other celebrity on the planet? yea, the man still has a sort of jokey appeal and when seen in a commercial, the reaction still nets a little chuckle and grin. But really. What happened to retiring gracefully?

So what's all this blithering about? Hefner makes an appearance in a Guitar Hero 5 commercial which centers of the homage'd to death Risky Business scene during which Tom Cruise rocks it out in his underwear and socks. In this version, a gaggle of girls slide across the floor, guitars in hands. At the end, Hefner is revealed wearing his signature bathrome and smoking a pipe. He looks toward the camera and says, "What? I like variety." Ha, ha. Funny. Yawn.

The Risky Business scene is such a classic that no matter how many times it's borrowed, despite all efforts to the contrary, it still catches the attention. Which, of course, confirms, once again, there's no originality left in advertising. Or, if you prefer a more positive viewpoint, why fix what isn't broken. If it worked before, by all means use it again. Take your pick.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Creative Commentary   

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