Self-Absorbed Hipsters Angrily Unbutton For Levi's


OK so for all you wait...hmm...losers with nothing to do but screw around in the trashy side of town, these new Holland and Belgium-based Levi's commercials are for you. Can't you see yourself in them? trying really, really hard to be ever so hip and cool while jumping in mud puddles and throwing chairs buildings and otherwise kicking the shit out of everything around you like a bored eight year old?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for your lame-ass life? Actually care you think what you're doing somehow makes you today's version of James Dean? That you somehow don't think you look like a slob and should really be reading GQ rather than moping around like a self-absorbed little brat?

Too harsh? Too out of touch? Perhaps but how much longer are we going to think slo-mo black and white images of seemingly uber-cool twenty-somethings will actually move product? Oh wait, the grunge thing worked in the 90's. The preppy thing worked in the 80's. The hairy chest thing worked in the 70's. Why shouldn't the "unbuttoned" thing work in the 00's?

Yea, we get that these commercial are supposed to depict an "unbuttoned" lifestyle and all the freedom and inspiration that comes with it but is an "unbuttoned" life in a junk yard-like part of town filled with mud puddles and decade old pieces of crap really worth aspiring to?

Please. Make us feel better about this campaign.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Creative Commentary, Policy   

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