The American Apparel AD the UK Doesn't Want You to See!


What would a week of controversial ads be with a little Dov love. The UK's Vice magazine ran an American Apparel ad on its back cover which one, repeat, one reader was offended over. The country's Advertising Standards Authority then responded by banning the ad. Even though the model was 23-years old, the sexually suggestive nature of the ad was deemed too much. AA's British operations manager Brent Chase:

"Our models are real girls who are often employees or friends of the company. They do their own hair and makeup and aren't Photoshopped. From time to time people are made uncomfortable by this, and it occasionally causes an unfortunate reaction."

Dude, let's be clear: They're not complaining about the Photoshop work here. While this ad does actually seem tame compared to previous works, AA has the rep of pushing things with models who appear to be underage. Let's just say this speeding ticket is for all the times you got away with it.

by Bill Green    Sep- 4-09   Click to Comment   
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