New Podcast AdVerve Launches. Takes on Diversity


It's not as if the Diversity in Advertising drum hasn't been beaten to death but, maddeningly, it's still an issue. And, to be honest, maddeningly, we're sick of writing about it. So can we please deal with it and move on?

But in order to move on, more talk, maddeningly, is needed. And more talk is what we have in the debut episode of AdVerve, a podcast hosted by Live and Uncensored's Angela Natividad and Make the Logo Bigger's Bill Green. In the first episode, Angela and Bill interview Hadji Williams, copywriter and author of the book Knock the Hustle.

Williams talks about the ongoing racism in the industry including an experience in which he was mistaken as a UPS deliver man even though he was dressed in street clothes. According to Williams, racism is still alive and well in this industry. He didn't want to believe it when he entered the business. But it slapped him in the face harshly as soon as he did.

You can read about the launch of AdVerve here and listen to part one of the WIlliams interview here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-13-09   Click to Comment   
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