Colored Balloons Flood River to Hype Camera


Seems this stunt was a missed opportunity to use the song 99 Red Balloons. Of course, there were more than 99 balloons in this stunt and they weren't al red so we guess it makes sense they chose other music to accompany.

What the hell are we talking about? Yet another stunt to promote yet another goofy hook to get people to buy a camera. In this case the camera comes from Sony Ericsson and the goofy hook is a character called Hopper which is basically a bouncing balloon you get to design.

The event, called Hopper Invasion, that's highlighted in this video took place November 4 on the Spree river in Berlin. Thousands of colored balloons were dropped and corralled on the river while a DJ spun tunes and people...well...just started at the balloons. Seriously. That's all it was. Who knew watching a bunch of balloons float on water could be so exciting. Guess we don't get out much.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-09   Click to Comment   
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