Sony Helps us Boot Up, Log On and Experience Life to the Fullest


When you sit down in front of your computer, do you suddenly feel like you're being assaulted with images of the intensity of life? The wonder and glory it brings? The passion and desire it creates? Do you feel like your every sense is being given it most intense workout?

Perhaps you will after you view this new Latin America-focused Sony Vaio commercial from El Segundo-based Ignited. In the commercial, we are asked, What if technology could make you feel more human?" We are then pummeled with imagery Dove Onslaught-style. But the imagery is "good" imagery. The things we want to feel and experience.

But really. Does any computer give us access to this? In a sense, yes. As we sit in front of our laptop, we feel an intense connection the the rest of the world as if the rest of the world were in the room with us right here, right now. And that's good. It's really good. It's a kind of connection that was never possible before. Now it is.

But is it really real? Is it as intense as Sony would have us believe? In one sense, no. Sitting behind your computer, no matter how cool it is or how much access to "humanity" it offers, it's no replacement for the real thing. We need to get off our assess and truly experience it.

In another sense, yes. This commercial nails it. A computer certainly can make you feel more human. It gives us access to experience we otherwise never would have had access to. It's a step in the process of life experiences and socialization. A step towards meatspace experiences that might otherwise never have happened.

It's the internet. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. Posterous. Flickr. And hundreds of other sites and tools and social networks that give us access to other humans, their experiences and the experiences those experiences create for us.

So yes. Technology can most certainly make us feel more human. We just have to remember the very important, non-digital part of life experiences.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09   Click to Comment   
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