Ads of the World Launches Campaign, Trumps Adrants' Ads


Hey we like this. Ads of the World, the compendium of of all things advertising...OK, it's not the only ad compendium but still...has launched an ad campaign. Yes, an ad campaign for an ad blog. Who knew? So they have this cool ad campaign and all we have are these lame banners. They're our version of two cups, one...oh forget it. They're nothing like that. In fact, they're much wittier. And much less gross.

OK so our banners aren't lame but they're not an ad campaign. Oh wait, yes they are! Because they are ONLINE ads. Get it? Everyone's online. No one's offline. So "offline" ads like the ones in this Ads of the World campaign have to suck and be pointless, right? Oh that's just petty. Of course the ads are great. And at least they have ads. It's far more than what we have here at what once used to be a top blog on The AdAge Power 150...until they changed the metrics to favor "more relevant" metrics than actual site traffic...which no one gives a crap about anymore apparently. Reach? Forget it. It's all about the link now, baby.

Anyway, how'd we get to trashing our own site? Oh yea, we were touting the ad campaign of another. Wait, what? Why the hell would we do that? That's just dumb.

Anyway, check out the ads here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 6-10   Click to Comment   
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