Apple Introduces New Feminine Protection Product: The iPad


According to an explosion of tweets following Steve Jobs' announcement of the iPad, the device's new name isn't going over so well:

- For now the iPad's really exciting, but wait until they release the iTampon - PhloxLombardi

- iPad: You only need to plug it in once a month - DieLaughing

- Wow - its the iPad. Wonder if it comes in 2 sizes (maxi and mini) - donthorson

- I guess it's Apple's "time of the month" - mcafiero

- The Apple iPad: for all your heavy (work) flow days - ch33rs

- Our little iPod has hit womanhood - cubanalaf

- To recap: the iPad will come with an iRag (to keep it clean) + some iBruprofen (to keep it working smoothly) + iWings (protection plan) - fourchickens

- You coming over to my iPad tonight? - laermer

- iPad? Didn't I have to run out and get some of those for my wife the other night? - gletham

- And the professional version will be known as Max iPad - xenijardin

- I'm actually surprised that more people in my stream haven't made jokes about an ipad with wings - shayera

- iPad: Intercourse Postponed Another Day - calanan

- I hope the iPad has wings for extra nighttime protection - annfriedman

- Just spilled my tea all over the place. good thing i had a super-absorbent iPad on hand to sop it up - DHendy

- Yes, but can I play tennis in white jeans while wearing the iPad? - diablocody

- R there NO women working for Apple? The iPad? Srsly? Who wants to say, "Just a sec, lemme check my iPad"? - TessaDare

- Can you go swimming with your iPad? Is it odor free? - ann_aguirre

- Naming it the iPad kinda just proved once and for all the nerd powers that be neither have nor have ever come in contact with vaginas - kathycacace

- Jobs should hire the chicks who come up with names for nail polish next time. iPad = worst name ever - copyrider

- I would have to say that every female friend I have on Twitter hates the new Apple iPad's name. There's no middle ground, it's hatred - jaykeith

- Yet another reason why Tech companies need more women - spingirl

And these are just funny:

- How will people in Boston tell the difference between the iPad and iPod? - C_Satterfield

- Seriously, Apple could unveil a giant turd with a touchscreen and wi-fi and I'd consider buying it. Just because. - youngbillymays

- iPad Fact: Watching porn on the iPad is the same as watching it on a Macbook, except you can't slam it shut when the boss walks in - tfly

Seriously, has no one at Apple ever heard about the Chevy Nova/no go story?

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