Publicitair Launches World's First Ad Supported Airline

publicitair.png we go. The first April Fool's joke of the day. "Former pilot and regular air traveler" Mark Terry-Lush, Renegade Media founder, has launched Publicitair, the world's first free passenger airline. The operation will be funded completely by advertising.

The release wants marketers to know, "Every surface of the aircraft, inside and out - from the tailfin to the in-flight entertainment - is available for branding."

Terry-Lush explains his approach, saying, "With BA strikes, airlines going bankrupt and budget airlines charging to go to the loo, it's clear that aviation business models are floundering. Passengers are getting a raw deal, so we've put our 20 years media industry experience to the test and created the world's first advertiser-funded airline."

Tickets will be sold using a lottery system which will insure everyone has a fair chance of flying on the airline.

To entertain customers using the aircraft lavatories and other public area, Publicitair has approached online brands Go and The airline would like to play the companies' memorable jingles on a constant loop throughout the duration of a passenger's cubicle stay.

For the bathrooms in First Class, Publicitair is courting SC Johnson's Glade air freshener brand, whose timeless ad featuring a small boy defiantly telling his mother he's off to 'Paul's house to do a poo' delighted consumers of all ages.

Cash4Gold and Cash Converters have been approached to sponsor an inflight exchange of unused jewelry and electronics for cash to spend during passenger's travels.

Initial flights will travel between the UK and New York.

Love how the name is so close to Publicitas.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-10   Click to Comment   
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