Advertising Makes Our World Go 'Round


We don't do this often because you don't come here to read about who's advertising on Adrants. You come hear to read about who's doing great work and who's doing awful work in advertising. But, we're going to take a few minutes out and thank Adrants advertisers because, without them, there'd be no food to feed the interns and keep them appropriately clothed in their required work attire.

So let's get to it. Most recently, a "mysterious" advertiser is running some mysterious creati ve that points to a mysterious site which aims, we think, to aid people in creating better websites.

Alcatel is running a campaign which introduces Optism, a services that promise to make mobile SMS and MMS ad buying a simple process.

The Art Directors Club has a continuing campaign called Show and Tell which features prominent creatives sharing their expertise and offering tips with a YouTube page.

And in May, Criteo told us about its ROI-boosting retargeting system.

So a big thanks to those and the many more who've, well, dared to advertise on Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements