Groundbreaking Hospital Billboard Concept: Newborn Stock Ticker


Apparently, attaching an LED bar across the top of your billboard and scrolling the names, birth dates and weight of babies born at the advertised hospital is really cool. Because, well, complete strangers want to know what's going on inside.

Explaining the revolutionary concept, Boyden & Youngblutt Advertising & Marketing Creative Director Ian Mosher said, "Having a baby is such a huge life event for new parents, and we wanted to find a unique way for the parents and Parkview to be able to share their big news with the community - and still keep it personal. The LED board seemed like the perfect solution. Having the babies' names appear makes it more than just a billboard. It's really a giant birth announcement."

According to Christina Egts, B&Y account executive for Parkview, the billboard is the first of its kind in the Midwest. "Nothing like this has ever been done before - at least in the Midwest," she said. "We've talked with the manufacturer of the sign, and they have never heard of something like this being done."

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-10   Click to Comment   
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