Nokia Knee Deep in Cannes Video Contest Plagiarism Fiasco


The similarities are remarkable. Then again, How many different ways can you tell Forrest Gump's story in one minute? Once again we have charges of plagiarism and this times it's tied to Cannes.

Nokia hosted a video competition and first prize was a trip to Cannes. Well, the creator of the winning video, Jemma Lyon, is in Cannes but she's being pummeled by members of web community b3ta. One of the original film's creators wrote, "Someone's sent me an entry to a Nokia filmmaking competition that's literally a shot for shot, line for line, idea for idea remake of it, this has been the first I've heard of it. I wouldn't mind except the person who entered it has won a "Critics Choice" award out of this rehash, including a FUCKING TRIP TO CANNES."

For it's part, Nokia, which itself is getting pummeled on its contest blog, said in a tweet, "No, we weren't aware of this, neither was the critic. The Critic's Choice Award will be unchanged as winner is already in Cannes."

But the telecommunications company, in reaction to the outcry, also tweeted a day later, "We are investigating the #minimo plagiarism concerns and would like to apologise for any issues encountered with voting and moderation."

We have to say the similarities between the two videos, concept-wise, are, indeed remarkable. Then again, similar ideas have occurred in a vacuum before. What do you think?

UPDATE: It's been alleged Nokia sent a rep out to help Jemma shoot the video using the originala video as a template. And that they're just letting her take the fall for it.

UPDATE II: Please be sure to read Jemma Lyon's comment below in which she defends herself and explains how Nokia took advantage of her and tarnished her name. Shame on you, Nokia.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-10   Click to Comment   
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