Childrens' Deplorable Living Conditions Highlighted in UNICEF Video


So here's yet another look at the plight of less then fortunate children across the globe. It's "a glimpse into the lives of children around the world who are missing out on these basic rights - the right to an education, to a childhood, to be healthy, to be treated fairly and to be heard."

Yea, it's sad but as one commenter points out, it's unlikely to change anything. The commenter wrote:

"It's unfortunate and shameful that there have been countless touching/disturbing videos such as this in last 30/40 years but nothing major has yet to be done about poverty of any kind! Too much of the world is run from executive offices rather than by people. For the combined wealth of individuals past, present and future global poverty can become a thing of the past but of course most are aware of this but find it easier to ignore and live in their air conditioned cars and buildings..."

A pessimistic viewpoint for sure but, ask yourself. Are children better off than they were 30 - 40 years ago?

The video from UNICEF UK, Put it Right, features the Radiohead track Videotape.

Of the video, UNICEF Director of Communications Victoria Rae said, "We want people to think about their own childhood and then see what everyday life is like for so many children all round the world. This film is window into a different day-to-day world - it's a childhood where there is no school summer holidays because children don't go to school. These are children who are missing out their basic rights - to learn, to clean water, to be healthy, to be looked after and just to be a child. The film shows their extraordinary resilience in tough times but the question is simple - Is this right?"

Well, of course it's not right. We're not sure what the final answer to this problem is but it's not a music video.

Though to be fair, the video is just part of a five year initiative to "inspire unprecedented action to protect the rights of children everywhere - to clean water, health care, protection from exploitation and the chance to go to school." The Put it Right effort aims to raise £55 million, campaign for action by the government and to put children's rights at the heart of the UK's approach to children.

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-10   Click to Comment   
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