Does 9/11 Make All Mulsims Terrorists? NBC, CBS Reject Ground Zero Mosque Ad


There are just way too many political and religious issues surrounding this ad from the National Republican Trust PAC which asks Americans to oppose the building of a Muslim mosque near the World Trade Center site for us to comment.

But, why not. So, here we go. Everyone has the right to practice their religion of choice. At least in this country. Just because a particular religion is associated with the bad behavior of a few who practice that religion does not make everyone who practices that religion evil. Television networks have the right to refuse any ad which falls outside their guidelines. People have the right to call foul on any network who makes such a decision.

One commenter to the video put it very succinctly, writing, "Bottom line - if you'd be okay with a church or synagogue, Budhist temple or Scientology center near ground zero, but not a mosque, you're in violation of the principle of religious freedom."

Then again, another commenter wrote, "Why on earth would any New Yorker or American citizen want a MOSQUE at Ground Zero - show some respect people!!!"

Both have valid points of view

We can make associations. We can point fingers. We can label entire countries and entire religions "bad." All Japanese suck because they bombed Pearl Harbor, right? All Germans are bad because one German persecuted Jews while trying to take over the world. There are many such examples. But, today, we don't think all Japanese suck and we don't hate all Germans.

Some who practice the Muslim religion did a bad thing. That doesn't necessarily mean all Muslims, as a category, should be hated indefinitely.

We don't have all the answers but we're sure you have an opinion. Share it.

by Steve Hall    Jul-16-10   Click to Comment   
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