Infomercial Product Placements Coming to a Movie Near You!


As if movie product placement wasn't already prevalent enough, now, it seems, it's going to become even more nightmarish with the addition of infomercials within a movie. BJ Fazeli of Kymaro Health & Beauty has plans for product placements in films this year.

His newest product, the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker, which Lacey Schwimmer and Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars are promoting, will make an appearance in an un-named movie later this year. In the movie, an actor will be watching an infomercial for Kymaro products, and the toll-free ordering number will be visible.

Of the placement, Fazeli said, "We don't expect people in the theater to write down the phone number but when the movie goes to DVD, people can pause it and write down the number. Maybe we can help Hollywood solve some of their financial issues. We won't ignore any medium that will reach potential customers who want to look better and have $50 in their pockets."

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Product Placement