Advertising Hotties Site Wants Sexy Ad People


Squarely in the category of Why Didn't We Think of This First comes Advertising Hotties, a site which hopes to build a collection of the hottest people working in advertising. There's only one image on the site so far and it's decidedly not hot so the site really, really needs your help.

We all know advertising employs some of the hottest looking people in the business world. From the fresh-faced intern who still dresses like she's in a club to the mature, mid-life gentleman who dresses like he's a GQ model, there are some amazingly good looking people walking the halls of advertising agencies and corporate marketing department.

In terms of what passes for acceptably hot image submissions, the site's creator tells us, "All pictures are to be PG, flattering and easily removed at the request of the photo subject."

So ad hotties...and those who work with them...let's get busy. Send your photos in. Take pictures of the aforementioned intern with her tight miniskirt and low cut top and the gentleman with his best suit or tight T on (with their permission, of course) and send them over to Advertising Hotties.

Yea, it's stupid and dumb. But it could also be fun.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10   Click to Comment   
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