Butt Banned, Bikinis Rap, Nokia Backfires, Bingo Bombs


- It's not only boobs that cause ads to get banned. Butts do too. According to the Russian Office of Federal Antimonopoly Service "indecent image of a woman's body cannot be placed in a public place."

- I'm on a boat. Absolutely nothing to do with advertising. At all. In anyway, shape or form. But it is hot. Bikinis, rap, profanity.

- Nokia HTC stunt backfires.

- There's a lot of ways to promote your bingo site. This is one of the more, um, odd methods.

- Pope your ride.

- Draw your own conclusions about Cornelius Trunchpole.

- Speaking of Cornelius Trunchpole, Sound Lounge has an interview with the man. The joke gets even more preposterous.

- Doritos and Pepsi MAX have launched Crash the Super Bowl. The contest is offering six :30 Super Bowl ad spots for consumer-created commercials as well as an ad contract and $5 million payout.

- In its second year of judgment, the Tracys invites public submissions that mock, scorn and generally poke fun at the very worst advertising has to offer.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10   Click to Comment   
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