It's Advertising Week! Can You Handle It?


IAB MIXX, OMMA Global, Web 2.0, Fast Company Global CEO Summit, ARF, The Dirty Little Word, Night of the Ad Eaters, VideoEgg Battle of the Bands, AWNY, The Big Ad Gig, ANA, Facebook Party and 3 billion other entities and events.

Yes, folks it's Advertising Week. The seventh annual adfest during which the ad industry heads to New York to learn, share and cavort. There is more to do than any single human can accomplish. But that's OK becasue we have Twitter and blogs and all manner of social media insanity to keep up with the week. Even if you live in Iceland.

Be sure to follow @advertisingweek on Twitter. Check out Advertising Week's AW Voices Blog and their Let There Be Advertising Week Posterous blog. And, of course, the Advertising Week website.

And if you need a constant steam of Advertising Week in addition to following the #adwk2010 tag on Twitter, check out WADV, Advertising Week's radio coverage of the event. You can also find it on iheartradio.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events