NBC's Apprentice Promo Eerily Similar to Lemonade:The Movie


As you may have heard, Eric Proulx made a wonderful movie called Lemonade: The Movie. I had the pleasure of being one of 16 people featured in the film which told the stories of people who had been laid off, the trials and tribulations they went through and the new directions and successes they found.

Well, along comes The Apprentice. This year, the show is going back to its roots. Leaving behind the celebrity idiocy, the show will, again, focus on unknowns who were laid off during the recession and are currently trying to make a go of it. The promotional clip for this year's show is eerily similar to Lemonade: The Movie.

Granted, telling the story of the downtrodden rising above odds to regain control of life usually goes in a similar path. The Loss. The Anger. The Introspection. The Rebirth. Etc. But the similarities in tone between the two are striking.

Today Eric tweeted, "I'm going to give NBC the benefit of the doubt that they didn't see this: http://ow.ly/2FrU0 before they made this: http://ow.ly/2FrSo"

The first link is to Lemonade: The Movie. The second link is to the NBC promo. Give them a look and let us know what you think.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10   Click to Comment   
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