VideoEgg Acquires Six Apart to Form Say Media


Video ad network VideoEgg, tomorrow, will announce it has acquired blogging platform Six Apart. The new entity will be known as Say Media and will combine "VideoEgg's engagement technologies with Six Apart's social publishing platform to power advertising campaigns that are more conversational and interactive."

Say Media claims it will have reach to a global audience of 345 million. A platitude filled video on the site (currently password-protected) explains the offering which, in a nutshell, delivers the scale advertisers need from the individual voices of independent publishers.

The Say Media site, which will launch tomorrow, offers up seven principles:

1. Attention is scarce
2. Passion is abundant
3. Media is fluid
4. Advertising is content
5. Storytelling is vital
6. Influence is earned
7. Engagement is a science

Hopping on the engagement media bandwagon, Say Media's Michael Sippey writes, "Passion + platforms + distribution = a new landscape for media, and new opportunities for brands that understand how to create and leverage engagement media."

It's either a lot of hot air or someone has finally figured out how to bring scale to social media. Time will tell.

In terms on the MovableType publishing platform, it will likely whither and die over the course of the next few years as attention and efforts turn toward the shiny new object.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Social, Video, Weblogs