Foursquare to Select Chicago's Next Mayor


As Chicago's Mayoral craziness continues, Proximity has come to the rescue with Foursquarian Candidate, which aims to "even the playing field between concerned citizens and well-funded candidates by providing social media savvy Chicagoans the chance to win a campaign marketing team to support a Mayoral bid." Yes, people. Foursquare might serve up Chicago's next Mayor.

To become The Foursquarian Candidate, hopefuls can check in to the City of Chicago Mayoral HQ on Foursquare and include a campaign slogan or message, in a bid to be dubbed mayor of the location. Foursquarian Candidate will will monitor the progress of potential candidates.

On November 1, 2010, the reigning Mayor of the location on Foursquare will be named The Foursquarian Candidate, and will receive the marketing support necessary to be officially placed on the ballot for the Chicago Mayoral election on February 22, 2011.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political, Social